Traditional Music, with Irish Roots

Matthew Young is a performer of traditional and folk music from all over the world, with a professional background of classical music training and operatic performance. However his childhood upbringing was in hymns, gospel, and southern roots bluegrass.  

Matthew grew up listening to both his mother's classical piano concerts and teachings, as well as his grandfather's living room bluegrass jam parties.  While he spent his early years training in the technical proficiency of operatic singing, his love for folk music drew his attention from the bluegrass of his family tree to the Irish music of his ancestry; and later to the folk music of Canada and the Maritime islands.  

His operatic career took him all over the world from the Ft. Worth Opera, and the Chicago Opera theater, to the Wexford Festival Opera in Ireland. He also spent many years performing traditional Irish songs and tunes at Renaissance Festivals in the United States, primarily in Texas.  

Matthew now tours the country performing his original and traditional music. You can find him at renaissance festivals, pubs, coffee houses; or where ever there is call for a rousing pub song, or an emotionally stirring ballad of the sea.  

Upcoming Shows

Sherwood Forest Faire

2020 Season Cancelled

Scarborough Renaissance Festival

2020 Season Cancelled

Kentucky Highland Renaissance Fair

Weekends May 30th -  July 12th, 10:00am - 7:00pm

(Subject to change)

Visit for up-to-date tour information, and live stream shows. 

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