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There are songs that are Irish, and there are songs that wish they were Irish.  This music combined with toasts, jokes, and stories Matthew Young strives to bring the mirth and magic of the Emerald Isle to Renaissance Faires and Festivals all over the country. Matthew has a background of classical music training, and operatic performance; but he was brought up in the world of traditional folk music. Beginning with his grandfather's living room bluegrass jams, he was drawn to the songs and tunes of his Irish ancestors. From that foundation his passion grew with the traditional music from Canada, the Maritimes, as well as his birthplace in the United States. From toe-tapping pub songs, to ballads charged with emotion.  This wandering rogue has audiences clapping their hands and raising their glasses.  


Faire and Festival Performance Dates:

Final two weekends cancelled

Deerfield Beach, FL.

Shows Cancelled

McDade, TX. 

News  & Travels


Greetings travelers. I'm sure everyone is aware of the massive festival closures that are happening due to the coronavirus pandemic.  While we are very sadden by this, we totally support the decisions of all the festivals that are putting the safety of the patrons and participants first.  Make sure to follow me on Facebook for up-to-date news on where I'm going to be, as well as live streaming performances. 

 Sláinte Mhath!

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